Cover Me Cedars, Cover Me Pines

by Glass Random

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cool tunes for sad babies


released March 8, 2014

dave shaw - dark wreck



all rights reserved


Glass Random Winnipeg, Manitoba

like doing aerobics on acid

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Track Name: I Can Learn
u were a dancer
and i was a kid
and i was dying just to fall in love
nobody asked u
but u knew the answer
to 'what tru romance was made of'
but i can learn to keep my stupid heart beat
on the inside
i can learn to keep my stupid heart beat
on the inside
how could u tell me
the ocean was endless
then tell me that u wanted to die
the night that we kissed in the back of the church
u gave me a reason to try
i can learn to keep my stupid heartbeat
on the inside
yeah girl
Track Name: Goji Berry Lip Balm
guess yr right
i know u only feel okay in the night
hold me tight
when every word is like the edge of a knife
guess it's fine
i can't recall the individual lines
dumb and blind
i got the centre but the centre was dying
hold me up i think i'm okay to drive
fold me up into yr pocket tonight
take me home
because i'm never gonna get calm
take me home
i got yr goji berry lip balm

(don't remember the rest)
Track Name: Glue Heart
i don't want to go outside
something's hiding in the bright bright light
can u call me on the phone
bring me medicine just leave it at the door
i am shining like the sun
or am i setting down on everyone
in the golden evening calm
take the pins and push them thru my palms
u get yr wish, i'll put a flower on yr wrist
i want to dance with u, dance withchu
nothing's fun but nothing's ever getting done
b/c my heart's like glue, heart's like glue
a little twist, i never want to feel like this
until u want to go, want to go
did i miss the way u hold me by the wrist
i want to know
i want to know
i want to know
i want to know
(this is where the sax solo should be)
Track Name: Out From The Garden
most nights it comes and goes
i never make a sound
most girls already know
i guess u’re from out of town
emily i’m nervous
please come pick me up
i’m sure u don’t deserve this
but i’m never sure enough
some nights i’m made of glass
i’m filled w something sweet
some moment in the past
is all i want to be
baby take me with u
or throw me in the trash
i’m ready to get used up yeah
i’m burning like a match
and if it falls short like it always does
then at least u can say u tried
and if they say life’s like it always was
then i wish that u never died
cover me cedars cover me pines